Jul 7, 2010

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nape aku ckp psl waktu?
adekah aku ingin menyanyi lagu DEMI MASA?
adekah ingin memberitahu "telah masuknye waktu sembahyang Isyak?"

haha.tidak lah same skali saje bg ayat xley blah.ni sume psl Germany mlm ni lah.
ni ade lah ayat si 'bekas kapten' Germany yg xbape hensem lah.
tp ramai wanita pelik kate dye hensem.ntahla.kalo klose 2 ley gak la.

Beginilah statement yang telah dikeluarkan oleh Micheal Ballack :

"It will be difficult to beat Spain tonight, but this is our time," said Ballack, who has rejoined one of his former clubs, Bayer Leverkusen, after being released by Chelsea. "Germany have been the best team in the World Cup and just have to keep it going. Spain deserved to win the European Championship (EURO 08) final against us, but with the confidence we've gained from our past two performances (a 4-1 win over old foes England and a 4-0 humbling of Argentina), I think its our moment.""Without him (Muller), Klose will be even more important," he said. "He's an unusual player, who has always needed the trust of the coach. But if he feels the manager likes him, he will play well, and that's what he gets with the national team."

Thx to Fifa.com

huhu.so,ni lah yang dye kate.aku sokong.mayb last tyme Germany lwn si Spain,Spaniard deserved the win.Germany tp kali ni dgn goals tbanyak dlm tournament, lak yg deserved to win.kan? kan?
mlm ni da bukak si Fifa pnye web.xde pown formation latest utk mlm ni.
finger crossed 4 tonight!hope Germany menang ngn style!
Klose Si Hensem! Score!
Schweinsteiger my idol,give da bez ha! 

*sbenanye nak test scrolling bar terbaru*


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